Healthy Choices  

Try our Quinoa Salad made fresh and high in protien.

Dealer’s Choice  

Come in and design your own creation, who knows maybe it will make the menu one day.

In-House Baked Goods  

All desserts baked from scratch in-house… mouth watering delicious!

Catering/Party Trays  

Whether for your office, home, summer parties or just because everyone is hungry, we’ve got your catering needs covered!


Bagel sandwiches, pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage! All ready for you to start your day right and full.

Sliced to Order  

All of our Thumman’s meats and cheeses are available sliced to order to take home and enjoy!

Sandwich of the Month: Stuffy  

Oven-roasted turkey breast, from-scratch stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce on warm roll (nap not included)



Freshly Made Grilled Meatball Patty, With or Without Provolone, Marinara Sauce on Ciabatta

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